57 Chain Restaurants That Do School Fundraisers

Then, fundraising schools and family will support the student through pledges. These donations can really add up, making a read-a-thon a hugely successful type of fundraiser. A concert is a great way to show off your student’s musical talents. A Christmas concert is a common time for a school concert, but you can host them at any time of year. Parents and other family members buy tickets to attend, and you can incorporate other fundraising tactics like food and drink sales as well.
This is a great incentive to add to any fundraiser from fun runs to dance-a-thons or any other challenge in which students participate in raising funds. Restaurant nights are another popular middle school fundraising idea. Often restaurants are happy to donate part of their profits for the night to a school in order to promote their business and give back to the community.
The same concept can be applied to Valentine’s Day fundraisers for schools. First, you will want to team up with your local sports team. Many professional sports organizations will fundraise for non-profit or hospital organizations during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. It places more awareness on individuals fighting Breast Cancer and helps raise money for research.
Put your fundraiser up on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Tweet out your fundraiser if you are using Twitter or make a video if you are on Tik-Tok. If you don’t have a volunteer base, consider partnering with a local school. You may be surprised to learn that many businesses have established programs designed specifically to aid schools. Go to any of these websites for more information on the programs established by these companies to assist schools.
There are several ways for cheerleaders to do this but here are just a few to try. What are some of the things you’re trying to accomplish this year? Perhaps answering that question could help inspire your competition theme. For example, if STEM is your focus for this year, you could challenge the students to code, make simple machines or constructions, and more. If arts were your focus, you might want to challenge your participants to create original music or create videos focusing on a theme of your choosing. To really set up your crowdfunding capital campaign for success, offer your donors and supporters sponsorship rewards.
Many schools partner with school fundraising companies like Booster to get the expertise, infrastructure, and planning they need to kick off a great school fundraiser. The list above represents only a fraction of the many ways school fundraisers help support the needs of students, schools, and communities. This is a super low-effort school fundraiser that’s tons of fun for participants.
Charge for each photo shoot and offer discounts for multiple prints and online orders. You can also provide add-ons like custom frames with your school logo. Water bottles are everywhere these days, so why not customize water bottles with your school logo? Students, parents, alumni and community members will buy the bottles if they know the proceeds support the yearbook.
Have students and staff donate a dollar for the fun of being able to dress up. While there might be a competitive element to spelling bees, these events can help students improve communication and public speaking skills. These skills will benefit children later in their education and throughout their lives. You can charge parents a small fee to attend this event at your school hall or another venue and award a prize to the winner of the competition.
Our fundraising partners raise money simply by collecting and repurposing shoes from their community. Funds2Orgs provides all collection and marketing materials with no out-of-pocket costs and then issues a check for all the shoes. The collected shoes then get shipped to micro-entrepreneurs worldwide so they can sell the shoes in their local markets and help themselves out of poverty. Middle School can be a great time of growth for the students, but it can also be an expensive time as the number of athletic and extra-curricular activities grow! Parents, principals, PTA/PTO group leaders in Middle Schools all over the country have found our products to be a great options for middle school fundraisers.
Enhance learning and raise funds by recruiting student participants and then charging a ticket fee for the spelling bee competition. You could also encourage students to find sponsors who will donate a certain amount for every word students spell correctly. The scratch card fundraising program is also great for High School Basketball Fundraisers. With 90% Profit and no money up front you can easily see why this basketball fundraiser has been so successful year after year. You can choose from 4 different colors to match your basketball team’s look for a more profitable fundraising campaign. If you decide to host an auction fundraiser, your team would gather a variety of valuable items or experience opportunities and offer them up for bidding to supporters.