6 GoFundMe Alternatives for Your Nonprofit Online Fundraising Ideas

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It’s been proven that most sales are made within the first 3-4 days, so why not capitalize on it? The result is that sponsors end up leaving money on the table because not only are they missing out on more early sales, they’re also not creating critical momentum that will set a stronger tone throughout. If you’re not launching a venture with a social or charitable angle, GoFundMe shouldn’t be your go-to crowdfunding platform. You won’t get a ton of momentum if you’re looking to fund general business objectives, and you might find other platforms to be a better fit in these scenarios. Online Fundraising Ideas began as a crowdfunding platform for creative endeavors, such as film or music projects. The platform now allows a wider array of projects to use its platform, however, and includes small business funding as well.
Explore creative approaches for everything from fundraising efforts for kids to endurance events and fashion shows. Jump right to your favorites or explore each category to potentially spark a new virtual, in-person, or hybrid event idea you haven’t considered yet. Coin Up is an app that allows supporters to donate their spare change to the organization of their choice.
In late 2019, GoFundMe launched their new Charity platform for nonprofits. Unlike the donate button options listed above, GoFundMe Charity actually offers a donate button that can be included directly on your nonprofit’s website to accept one-time or recurring gifts. It doesn’t have to be linked to a specific campaign, meaning that people who click it will go to an offsite GoFundMe-hosted donation form that can be branded for your organization. Once clicked, they can begin their donation with our seamless donation technology. Before online t-shirt fundraising, it was difficult to offer your supporters a tangible item in return for their online donations. But with t-shirt fundraising, you’re given a fun and easy way to offer your donors something in return for their generous donations.
With Stripe, you can attach donor information to a receipt and encourage benefactors to opt into daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly pledges. Stripe’s software and application programming interfaces (APIs) let nonprofits embed debit and credit card processing into nearly any program. GreatNonprofits provides tools to enable donors and volunteers to find, donate to, and share stories about great nonprofit organizations. This Canadian-based crowdfunding app is one of the top Kickstarter alternatives available.
Bloomerang’s donor management platform helps nonprofits engage supporters, collect donations, and analyze campaigns. It has a complete fundraising suite and mobile app, which is perfect for online or onsite events. When searching for alternatives to Kickstarter, you might be interested in finding a crowdfunding platform that allows you to keep the money you raise, even if you fall short of your fundraising goal. It offers users an easy way to raise funds without minimums, limits, deadlines, or other requirements standing in the way of accessing funds.
Today, I will demonstrate how to setup GiveWP to accept donations in WordPress. If you’ve spent any time online recently, chances are that you’ve seen someone post a GoFundMe for crowdfunding purposes. Google Pay is the way to go for streamlining a one-click donation process.
This easy fundraising idea also works for Capture the Flag or any casual sport. Charge admission for teams or individuals to register, and plan for a sunny day of outdoor fun! Set up a bracket beforehand, and one lucky team will get closer and closer to winning with each passing game.