Majestic Theatres 18th Annual Silent Auction + performance of The Great Gatsby

All items donated to the silent auction will receive recognition within our social media, on our website, in our monthly newsletter, and at the dinner. If you are interested in doing any of the above or would like to be a member of our Community Outreach Committee, please contact Stacey Silva, Community Outreach Chair at Last year the sale raised over $15,000 for the fund, school and community game nights, and the store’s free board game library. The 200 individuals we serve in south King, Pierce and Thurston counties have a wide range of disabilities and a number of barriers to traditional employment. To maximize your chances of success, it’s imperative to select the auction format that best complements your event. Here’s a quick rundown on the 3 most popular types of charity auctions.
This way, you can showcase the impact of your event and encourage supporters to sign up for the next event to continue pushing your mission forward. Use these steps to engage your audience and prepare your nonprofit for future fundraising auctions. The silent auction checkout process has been to known to cause a headache or two with the combination of checkout, item pick up, and payment processing. The amount of volunteers you need to run your auction is dependent on the size of your event, setup of your venue, and in event fundraising activities you have planned.
silent auction websites was made when someone in the crowd bid an uncontested price. If your silent auction was a big success, chances are you will want to hold another one in the future. Even if you don’t, showing thanks to the people who made it happen will foster goodwill and leave them with a positive attitude toward your nonprofit organization.
This approach also promotes transparency, providing bidders with crucial information about the item details, fair market value, and bidding history, empowering them to make informed decisions. Allowing participants to bid discreetly, without revealing their names, the auction organizers announce winners while respecting each bidder’s privacy. Put your bid sheet close to the item, on a table, or on a clipboard. Ensure everyone can see and reach your bid sheet without blocking the item or creating a crowd.
Ultimateky, this can attract new donors and supporters to your organization. By promoting the event to your existing supporters and the broader community, you can generate buzz and excitement around your cause. This can be particularly appealing to donors who feel uncomfortable in more high-pressure fundraising environments.
By implementing these strategies, you’ll enhance the visibility and appeal of your silent auction, ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful bids. Maximize your chances of attracting bids on your important occasion by ensuring widespread awareness! Encourage potential donors to pre-register for your auction, reducing the workload and troubleshooting required on the day of the event. Throughout the event, participants peruse the displayed items and discreetly place their bids, occasionally revisiting certain prizes to outbid other contenders. For the most part, you will have better luck engaging with sponsors whose business aligns with your nonprofit’s interests, and who have supported similar events in the past.
Encourage as much participation as possible by highlighting the silent auction throughout the night. The biggest enemy to a successful annual auction event is simply time. Time also has a way of creating atrophy or at the very least stagnation. Many organizations fall into the temptation to replicate the same successful event. Inevitably, things change each year – revenue goals increase and loyal donors can lose interest in the same event. When the focus of the event is on recreation rather than innovation, it makes sense that auction revenue can become stagnant too.